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A Game Plan For Hiring the Right People Now Available!

Business leaders seeking to bolster their hiring strategies will find invaluable insights from a captivating story inside A Game Plan For Hiring the Right People.
You can order the book from Bob Spence directly by completing the email form located on the contact section of this site or you can order it from Amazon by clicking on the button below.

Welcome to Bob Spence Consulting

In 1987, after a 20 year career in education, I founded an HR Firm in San Diego, CA to provide human resource services to clients with a primary focus on hiring the right fit and match for their client’s companies. In 2004 I closed the firm and since then have been working as an independent consultant. Through these years I have completed more than 300 key leader searches and have trained hundreds of managers using my trademarked Choosing Winners™ System.

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My Clients

Retained Key Leader Search

Using my Choosing Winners™ System, I work with you as a team member to find the right person. Initially, I will meet with you and your stakeholders to set the specifications and then we will source the candidates based on your priorities. We will present three finalists who will have been through three interviews with us. Additionally, we will prepare all of your interviewers, including writing the interviews for them.


Creative Leadership Study

Conducting your own search? Want to have a behavioral, value-based assessment of your top candidates? I will conduct telephone interviews with your top candidates using the appropriate structured, descriptive-behavioral interview. You will receive a written profile of each candidate as well as targeted interview questions to use in your final interviews.


The Choosing Winners™ System

Below is a graphic description of The Choosing Winners™ System

The Choosing Winners™ System consists of five steps.
  • The first step, Define, provides a process to determine the behaviors, characteristics, traits and values desired in a person who will be successful in the position and the company’s culture.
  • Step Two, Score, provides a systematic method for evaluating resumes resulting in a score for each resume based upon the information from the Define step.
  • In Step Three, Screen, the highest resume scores are contacted and scheduled for a telephone screener interview. The interview is three parts; resume review, technical questions, behavioral screener.
  • The fourth step, Probe, is a second telephone interview using the appropriate validated structured interview followed by conducting one-to-one interviews with the top candidates.
  • Finally, the fifth step, Confirm, is an 0n-site interview process involving the stakeholders in team interviews, a one-to-one with the hiring manager and a Situational Activity.

Contact Bob Spence

    Bob Spence Consulting
    117 Sedonia Court
    Davenport, FL 33837